The Granada Nightclub
L.A.'s Best Salsa Club

The Granada Nightclub

Just announced- Winner of 3 Categories in Pasadena Weekly's Best of Pasadena
Best Live Dance Club:The Granada
Best Place to Dance: Let's Dance L.A.
Best Karaoke Bar: Guitarras at the Granada

Updated 10/18/09- This Weekend LA's best Salsa Bands
For most current info check or

<li><strong>Friday Oct 2nd </strong> <a href="">Son Y Clave</a></li>
<li><strong>Saturday Oct 3rd </strong> <a href="">Angel LeBron y Sabor Latin</a></li>
<li><strong>Friday Oct 9th </strong> <a href="">Angel Lebron</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Oct 10th </strong> <a href="">Johnny Polanco y Conjunto Amistad</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Oct 16th</strong> <a href="">Chino Espinosa y Los Duenos del Son</a></li>
<li><strong>Saturday Oct 17th</strong> <a href="">Lucky 7</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Oct 23rd </strong> <a href="">Son Mayor</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Oct 24th </strong> <a href="">Chino Espinosa y Los Duenos del Son</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Oct 30th </strong> <a href="">Orquesta Charangoa</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Oct 31st </strong> <a href="">Orquesta Opa Opa</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Nov 6th </strong> <a href="">Son y Clave</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Nov 7th </strong> <a href="">TBA</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Nov 13th </strong> <a href="">TBA</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Nov 14th </strong> <a href="">Johnny Polanco y Conjunto Amistad</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Nov 20th </strong> <a href="">Chino Espinosa y Los Duenos del Son</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Nov 21st </strong> <a href="">Son y Clave</a></li>

<li><strong>Friday Nov 27th </strong> <a href="">Johnny Polanco y Conjunto Amistad</a></li>

<li><strong>Saturday Nov 28th </strong> <a href="">Chino Espinosa y Los Duenos del Son</a></li>


Every Sunday Live Ballroom Dancing to Two's Company!
The Granada is open for all ages on Fridays til 2, on Saturdays-UNTIL 4 AM!!!
Floor side Booths may now be reserved for an entire evening Call (626) 22- SALSA for details

Our Fabulous Tapas bar restaurant Guitarras is now open!
Reservations Recommended for Friday and Saturday nights. Call (626) 28-GRANADA
About The Granada Nightclub
The Granada is LA's hottest new nightclub. Three floors, 2 outdoor patio. Huge sprung wood dance floor. Lots of FREE parking. Only 8 miles from Staples Center near So. Pasadena and San Marino. Also inside is Let's Dance L.A., featuring the biggest Salsa and Rueda classes in LA . Available for Wrap Parties, Weddings, Banquets
Where Can I see more information about the Granada?
Website for Let's Dance is
Website for The Granada is

The Granada? Let's Dance L.A.? Salsa Central???
"I'm looking for Let's Dance on First St., but I can't find you..." "What's the Granada?", We've heard all these questions since we bought the Polo Club in 2002. Well here is the explanation. The old Polo Club has been renamed the Granada. Why The Granada? A little play on words. In Spain the palace of the city of Granada was called the Alhambra. Here The Granada is the "palace" of Alhambra. So, the Granada is the name of the building. Got that? Let's Dance L.A.- That wonderful name says it all. The name served us well for 15 years. But now Let's Dance L.A. is simply a tenant of the Granada, along with the Spanish Tapas restaurant Guitarras. Lets Dance also the company that will teach for the nightclub. Classes will go on throughout the building but it is important to remember that we are co-tenants sharing the beautiful Granada and there will be other activities and groups sharing space. The restaurant, Guitarras, has incredible food everyday, in addition to being the caterer for rentals. Just as most clubs in Hollywood have different theme nights, so will the Granada. Our Saturday night Salsa dance, co sponsored with Albert Torres, will be known as Salsa Central at the Granada. Our Sunday Nights will be known as Dance Central and so on. Got it? The Granada (the building), Lets Dance LA (the studio), Guitarras (the restaurant), SalsaCentral (the salsa club night), SwingCentral (the Swing club night).

What Style Do You Teach?
What Kind of Salsa Do We Teach?
It is important to address that there is not one kind of salsa, but 7 major styles. Cuban, Puerto Rican, Nu Yorikan on 1 or on 2, Miami, Columbian, and L.A. are the most common worldwide, but just like music changes so do dance styles. We don't teach just one style of Salsa because you're not going to dance with one type of person, you're going to dance with everyone. We show you how to be able to lead or follow many different styles. Let's Dance puts major importance on lead and follow technique so that people enjoy dancing with you. Our group classes are designed to make you feel comfortable out in the clubs in a very short period of time. For those who would like to learn competition level dips, tricks, and lifts we offer private lessons with highly trained dancers. We also bring in Latin Dance Champions from around the world to teach special workshops and is the only studio with three winners of the Mayan Professional Salsa Championship on staff. Enio & Terryl regularly judge major Salsa events and coach Olympic Ice Dancers. So they can take you all the way from A to Z and their unique method of teaching will allow you to learn whether you prefer to dance on 1, on 2 or on 3.
Let's Dance L.A. members get $5 off for Saturday nights
additional discounts for other nights
The Friday night dance is FREE with paid class admission
Salsa DJ after classes on Tuesday & Thursdays 10pm -??? Free with class or $5
DJ Saoco alternates with , DJ Kenny Miranda between bands on Fridays $15. Open til 2
DJs Frank on Saturdays with bands, DJ Saoco 2am-3am $15
LA's best Ballroom dance on Sundays-Live Music, Great Dance Tempos, Dinner with Reservations 5:30-9pm
Contact | Location
17 S. First St
near Garfield/Main
Alhambra, CA 91801
Yahoo Maps :: Google Maps
Phone: 626-2272572
Fax: 626-458-3266
Contact Person: Front Desk
Directions/Parking Information:
Free Parking across the street in the city structure gets full fast. Additional free parking just east of Garfield in the back of Sanwa bank. Additional parking on 2nd Street. Best suggestion come early for dinner!

Press Send Message to contact us via e-mail.


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