Norwegian Salsa Congress
Artists in 2005

Confirmed Artists:
Stracy Diaz - New York - USA
Tony Hernandez - New York - USA
Robert White - Mambo City - UK
Jean White - Mambo City - UK
El Rey (Reyza Qullassi Hoepers) - SalsaSite - Iran/ Norway
Karina Yami Hoepers - SalsaSite - Brazil / Norway
Jazzy - Latin Dance Fusion - Guatemala/ Norway
Benedicte Ruiz - Latin Dance Fusion - Norway
Pablo - Salsa Si - Kristiansand - Norway
Katti - Salsa Si - Kristiansand - Norway
Cristobal Olivares - Cuba/Norway
Latin Dance Fusion Student Dance Team (8 dancers) - Norway
Madam Quadam - Norway
Mehdi Qullassi - SalsaSite - Iran/ Norway
Lensley Baya - Salsa Diablo - Mauritius/ Norway
Torgeir Lilleskog - Norway

More Invited Artists:
Francisco Vasquez & Partner - LA - USA
Johnny Vasquez & Dance group - LA - USA
Olivia Dasso & Partner - LA - USA
Rafael & Janet - Cuba/ UK
Tropical Gem - Italy
Max Stylist - Somali/ Dubai
More to come!
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Quality Hotel Mastemyr
Lienga 11
Kolbotn 1414
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