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Demystifying Feng Shui with a practical approach. Known for thousands of years as the art of placement, Feng Shui offers simple solutions to improve your home, office or garden. Feng Shui is an evolving relationship between occupant and living space based on common sense. This practice can reveal ways of reorienting your space for increased possibility. Feng Shui can revitalize your living space, lift your mood, change your life.
Feng Shui is the art and science of balancing space so that it is a beautiful place with function for everything. Through the careful placement of five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) in alignment with the natural environment feng shui creates a positive, practical, supportive, and harmonious place for living.

The Elements:

Wood - Items made from wood, plants, flowers, carvings, bamboo screens, wood desks, wood tables. All shapes of rectangles and colors green, lighter blues, and the brown of real wood.

Fire - Fireplaces, candles, flame, combustion. All shapes triangular and fire colors of red, orange, pink, purple, flame.

Earth - Clay, dirt, crystals, cement, tile. All shapes square, and the colors of browns, yellows, earth tones.

Metal - Silver, gold, bronze, brass, copper, metal chimes, metallic pots/pans/bowls. All shapes circular or round. Colors of metallic, glint, shine, white, grey, gold.

Water - Aquariums, fountains, working faucets, pools and spas, mirrors. All shapes wavy or irregular, undefinable. All colors deep and dark blueish, blackish and reflective.

Place a suggested element or representation (element's color), where there is need for cure or enhancement. Use your imagination. Find creative symbols to incorporate into your space. It may be the color, design, shape, or actual element that becomes the remedy. The beauty of feng shui is that you will know when it is working because you will instantly be able to feel it's correctness; you will know intuitively that it is right. Science gives us road map suggestion, art gives your unique creation.

Note: Avoid yang water or yang wood in a location if it is near a bed. These elements are too strong for a restful sleep and may be ingredients for a recipe of illness.

Flying star feng shui is based on a system of time. Everything is on a constant continuum of change. The original founders of feng shui observed and recorded behavioral phenomenon based on spacial relationship and time cycles. They were able to record a pattern that continues to cycle, and based on this pattern we have the annual charts of today, as well as the ability to chart for the future. The only way we have of accurately proving this theory is to look at the past to see that it precisely matches up with former charts. This year the pattern has shifted (as it does every year) for instance, with star5 of fatality residing in the south of the chart. It is an earth element star so by utilizing metal element we exhaust this affliction. According to five element theory, by adding metal we weaken earth, thereby overwhelming it.
*Feng Shui Practitioner
New York City,Denver,Los Angeles
*Consultation in space arrangement, interior design,
color coordination and art placement.
*Nurturing living through
a transforming psychological process
of de-cluttering space.
*Inspiring positive change with simple recommendations.

Lillian Too ~ World of Feng Shui
John Bethell ~ Worldwide School of Feng Shui
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