The Jazz Bakery
The Jazz Bakery has a mission - to bring up a new generation of jazz fans to appreciate, preserve and cultivate a unique American legacy and a gift to the world, an art form that simultaneously conveys at its heart freedom, struggle and innovation: Jazz!

Originally conceived and founded eleven years ago by Ruth Price as a showcase for local talent, the venue's reputation has grown to an international stature in the world of jazz through Price's uncompromising artistic vision: bringing the finest in world-class "A" list jazz into a space to perform where the contract between jazz musician and audience is focused and unspoiled. During the gig, there are no servers plunking down drinks in front of you, there is neither food in the theater nor distractions from the bustling of a club, and every seat is an excellent seat: this is really, truly and purely about the music.
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3233 Helms Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
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Phone: 310-271-9039

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