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Club Salsa

Club Salsa was established in 1997 and has been the most prominent promoter of Salsa in the Sydney scene over the years. It runs Sydney's biggest Salsa school and Salsa nightclub.

Club Salsa is the official dance school associated with the annual Bacardi Festival in January, Darling Harbour, the biggest outdoor Latin festival in Australia.

Club Salsa also runs the first and the biggest instructor training program in Australia, where dancers go through over one year of systematic training in dance skill, teaching technique and performance.

Our aim is to promote Salsa to the mainstream public in Sydney.

We would like to share the joy and excitement of Latin dancing with as many people as ever possible. Our team continues to grow and include some of the best dancers and DJs. Join us if you would like to be a part of the biggest dance phenomena in Sydney.

Today, Club Salsa runs Sydney's largest dance school, providing structured classes & workshops for Beginners through to Advance salsa dancers.
We aim to cater to our students' needs by providing a structured and fun course that will also give you a great workout.

Our unique course layout is tailored to get you on the dance floor faster and give you a smooth transition from the class to the club. The specifically designed 8-week course aims to keep you moving from a beginner stage to an advance stage with joy and confidence. Our talented and friendly instructors will have you dancing in no time at all.

So come be part of our dance school. Our next 8-week courses start date can be found at our Classes page at:
How We Teach

Here is what you can expect to cover in classes:

What we teach
We teach a generic style of Salsa popular throughout the world. More specifically, it's based on what has become known as "L.A. Style" - It's sophisticated, suave, sexy & energetic.

Your first class
We always start the class with a warm up. This includes basic footwork that you'll need for the rest of the class. The footwork will be the basis for the rest of the class. This means that if this is your first visit, you'll be able to follow the rest of the class quite easily. Be patient - you won't be an expert in one lesson, but you will learn more each lesson you attend & eventually develop an excellent repertoire & style of your own.

We have a structured syllabus & each lesson follows the set program based on our syllabus. Many of these moves will be repeated at regular intervals, so you will have ample opportunity to catch up if you miss some of them.

After you have mastered the basics, you will be considered for the more advance level classes/course. Our instructors pay careful attention to each student's progress and will give you feedback as you progress. When you have demonstrated competency in your basic dance skills, you will be ready to take your dancing to a next level!

Our instructors are highly trained. They are among the best in Sydney. They have extensive training in communication skills, teaching methodology and Salsa dance styles. They know how to run the class efficiently, treat students with respect, and are always patient & encouraging. Best of all, they are fun and energetic so you'll be sure to have a joyous time.
Our Clubs

Club Salsa is Sydney's biggest Latin promoter.

We run some of the best Salsa venues in town. From trendy Salsa bar, to large venue with awesome waterfront location and huge dance floor, we have the biggest selection of Salsa hot spots to choose from.

Why is Club Salsa so popular in Sydney?

Hot music & the best DJs!!

No where else in Sydney will you find better Salsa music! Over the years Club Salsa has built its strong reputation by hiring or training only the best Salsa DJs or premium live bands. It is full-on, pure Salsa all night. The music is often the latest from New York, Miami, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia. Club Salsa's DJs set the trend for everyone else to follow.

Highest concentration of top dancers

This is the place where you'll find the local Salseros. The best place to spot top Salsa dancers in Sydney is here! These dancers often come later at night when you get a little more space on the dance floor. Catch them whenever you can and see whether you can copy some of their flashy moves!
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