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Building a web site for your small business can be an intimidating, confusing and expensive endeavor. How do you know if the web designer is charging a fair price? How do you setup and maintain a web server? In six months when your web site is out of date, how much more will you need to spend to update the site? Or even worse, what will you do if your site designer has gone belly up?

5minutesite.com is the answer to all these questions! You simply fill out a form online and a web site is created and hosted for you. You can login and add, update or remove content from your site 24 hours a day. If you need more disk space or a bigger catalog/menu, you can upgrade your account. If money gets tight or business needs change, you can continue using our free service. So take a few minutes and create a free website for your small business today.

Sample Sites

Actual sites created by users

China Star Chinese Restaurant
Coast City Ballet
Sergio and Salud Salsa Instructors
The Danz Studio

5minutesite Feature List
Edit/manage site onlineNo need to install or learn complex software or computer codes. Edit your site from work, home or anywhere you can access the Internet.
Catalog/menu editorBuild or update your catalog or menu using advanced features like multiple pricing levels & models, timed display & removal of items and options to control hardcopy printing.
PayPal Shopping Cart IntegrationSimply enter your PayPal account number in the e-commerce section of the site editor and your catalog will automatically be integrated with the PayPal payment system. There is no easier way to start selling on-line.
Secure send message formKeeps your e-mail address private while still allowing people to contact you.
Automatic search engine entry5minutesite has been designed so the major search engines can spider through every site created on our system. Your site will show up in the major search engines with out any further action on your part. To learn more about search engines and how they work with your site, please read the search engine section on your Edit Site page.
Employee schedulerEasily build employee schedules for printing, broadcasting to staff or saving in spreadsheet form to your computer. Cost calculator automatically factors in overtime and other rules so you can stay on top of labor costs.
Wireless WAP supportIn addition to a normal website, a WAP (wireless access protocol) version of your site is automatically created so your site can be viewed on cell phones and PDAs. Learn more here.
Automatic map link generationA link to a map of your location is automatically created from the entered address in the US and a number of other countries.
Geo tag supportEmbed the latitude and longitude of your location so location aware search engines can can find you.
Automatically e-mailed stat logA list of hits to your site is periodically sent making it easy to see when your site has been viewed and how it was found.
Unicode character supportText fields display characters from almost all the worlds languages. (Corresponding language Unicode font must be installed.)
Selectable Color SchemesGive your site a unique look by selecting from a list of color schemes. Over time we will be adding new schemes to chose from.
Local Ad Words Keyword GeneratorA 5minutesite.com exclusive. Go to the Local Keyword Generator, enter your zip code, the area your business serves and a list of keywords and a list of all possible combinations of locations and keywords is generated. Use this highly targeted keyword list to get relevant visitors at a lower cost per click.

Featured Site: Luis Gomez - Latin Dance Classes in Orange County, CA

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