San Francisco Bay International Salsa Congress
We have the new Agenda up for the Congress weekend, and hope it helps you all in planning your trip to the Bay Area. You will see we have named all the Main Ballrooms after some famous landmarks in the Bay Area to help you get familiar with our part of the world...we even named our Vendor Alley, "Pier 39"!

We have a lot of fantastic changes in store for those of you who have attended year after year and we are very excited to welcome you all to this fantastic city. The venue itself is much bigger and we hope you will enjoy yourself even more this time around and tell everyone you know to come visit our Congress! We have stayed true in our original style of having everything under one roof, to make everything more convenient and timesaving for all of our Congress Guests. In addition to world class restaurants inside the hotel, we have also arranged for refreshment stands INSIDE the Convention Center and a little area we call the Mambo Cafe. There are also many restaurants and small cafes within walking distance, so there is no reason to go hungry at any time of day!
Amanda Estilo (NY)
Ava & Dave (SF/NY)
Al & Edie (LA)
Alex Da Silva (LA)
April Genovese (Boston)
Billy Corado (San Jose)
Ciro & MaryAnn (Hercules)
Del Millers (LA)
David Stein (San Diego, CA)
Edwin Rivera & Stephanie Stevenson (NY/LA)
Francisco Vasquez (LA)
Gabriel Romero (Oakland)
Hacha Y Machete (Boston)
Henry Herrera (Miami)
Ismael Otero (New Jersey)
Jayson Molina (Puerto Rico)
Joby Brava (LA)
John & Liz (Oakland)
Juan Matos (New York)
Junior & Emily (SF)
Liz Lira (LA)
Luis & Melissa (LA)
Manuel & Barbara (Spain)
Mike Bello (LA)
Milton Cobo (North Carolina)
Nestor & Yvonne (Australia)
Olivia & Hector (LA)
Osmar Perrones (NY)
Ricardo Tellez (Fremont)
Ricky & Diana (LA)
Rita Hargrave (SF)
Salsa Y Control (Boston)
Shaka Gonzalez Brown (DC)
Stephanie & Danny (San Jose)
Victor & Gaby (Mexico)
Yesenia Peralta (New Jersey)
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Oakland, CA 94607
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Phone: 408-265-3774

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