The Unlikely Salsero - Dance Tips from Don Baarns
As "The Unlikely Salsero", private/group salsa instructor, dancer and lifelong musician, I specialize in teaching dancers how to hear the time in the music, understand music structure, and relate the music directly to their dancing. Partner dancing is so much more fun when the couple both dance to the music! Dance Salsa "On 1," "On 2" or "On Clave," but be sure you know the music well enough to know that you know! I learned to dance as an adult in my 40's and my primary instruction started with Edie the Salsa Freak; I've worked with many other instructors as well. I've literally performed on stage as a drummer thousands of times and coach others on performance dancing techniques and musicality. A lifelong student of learning/teaching, I've been teaching privately since I was around 18; beginning with drums/music, then computers/software in the 90's, and now salsa, musicality and timing for dancers. I grew up in Detroit and moved to LA at age 21 to study with some of the world's best studio musicians. I graduated from Percussion Institute of Technology (AKA "PIT") in 1982. Starting later than most, I'm living proof that if someone like me can learn to dance, you'll be even better.
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