Dance Addiction - Instruction in Orlando & Seattle
Have you ever wondered why no one has replaced Fred and Ginger as America's symbol of romantic dancing perfection? Perhaps it is because YOU have not yet tapped your latent potential... have been cheating the public out of marveling at the opulence of your natural grace and rhythmicality... have been frittering your time away at some sensible job when you should have been tripping the light fantastic in front of bedazzled onlookers...

SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Maybe a shovel full of advertising BS? It is. But why not give dancing a try anyway. What do you stand to lose? Maybe a perpetual lack of rhythmic coordination. Maybe one of your left feet. Maybe a few pounds. Give it a whirl.

* Couples Dancing
* Singles or Couples
* No Contracts

Contact Juliet at 407-894-9090 or Sean at 305-519-3898
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Orlando, FL 32806
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Phone: 407-894-9090
Directions/Parking Information:
Salsa classes in Seattle are taught at 17oh1, located at 1701 23rd. Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122. 1701 is the name and the address of the studio. The studio is located one block south of Madison on the corner of 23rd Avenue and East Olive. On-street parking is available. Also on bus lines: #11 and #48.

Orlando Salsa Classes and most private lessons are taught at The Zebra Room just southeast of downtown Orlando, one block west of the intersection of Michigan and Bumby at 2609 Gowen Street, Orlando, Florida 32806

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