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14 Listings for Canada:

1. Fleet-Wood Dancentre - Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 2M1
2. Goh Ballet Academy & Goh Ballet Vancouver Society - Vancouver, B.C. V5T 3C9
3. iFreeStyle.ca Salsa On2 Dance Classes in Toronto - Zip/Postal Code: M5H 1Y2
4. Leslie Ferreira -
5. Medora Solutions Inc. - Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 5W2
6. Montreal Salsa Dance Convention - Montreal, Quebec H5B 1E5
7. Paul Gordon Dancers - Hamilton, Ontario L8K 1G2
8. Port Perry Dance Academy - Port Perry, ON L9L 0A1
9. Salsa in Winnipeg - Winnipeg, Manitoba
10. Salsaddiction Dance Company - Zip/Postal Code: t6l5g6
11. Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance - Toronto, Ontario M8Z 4B6
12. Steps Dance Studio - Toronto, ON M6H 3L9
13. Studio 88 Swing - Montreal, QC
14. TOsalsa :: Salsa Dancing in Toronto -
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