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VSD Controls has just completed phase 1 of a pump control system controlling a 100HP submersible and a 30HP turbine well pumps. The wells are located 1/2 mile appart and feed a large turf irrigation system. The VFD on the 100HP pump is providing substantial energy savings and better pressure and flow rates. The master PLC panel uses 900 MHz modems to communicate with well 2 to coordinate operation. We will continue to provide more data logging and integration to the irrigation reports.

VSD Controls now offers a line of "off the shelf" telemetry links. We have put together the most common applications such as level control, constant pressure, PID flow control into simple modules that can easily integrate into existing control panels or be part of a complete control package. If you need to get any process signal from point A to B we have a solution. All of our systems are preprogrammed for your application so field installations are simple. We have analog transmitters, repeaters, solar powered systems and internet accessability for monitoring and control. Please inquire if you have questions. Our price list should be up very soon.
About VSD Controls LLC
VFD replacement - Many machines and HVAC systems come with variable frequency drives and have been in service for many years now. We specialize in using new VFD's to replace ones that have become obsolete. We will install the new drive and match up the control wiring, program the drive and provide training if needed. In many cases older VFD's are repaired and put back into service when a new drive may cost less and offer more benefits. If you have old drives that are giving you trouble we can help.

Pump Controls for drinking water, waste water and irrigation are available. We have a standard PLC platform with several operator interface options programmed to control up to four pumps. It can provide PID controlled pressure, level, or flow control throughout the pump range. These are good for upgrading older water systems with reliable and flexible hardware that will modernize any system.

PLC's and operator interfaces, distrbuted I/O, Industrial PC's and a host of other control products allow us to offer standardized hardware platforms that easily adapt to any application. We can construct UL508 certified control panels and keep the costs down. Custom panels at off the shelf prices.
Duplex pump controls with or without VFD

Self adjusting constant pressure systems

PLC controls with ethernet, modem, or PC connectivity

Spread spectrum radios provide low cost, short or long range connectivity

UL 508 listed panels

UL listed, single phase input VFD's up to 100HP

Start up services available in the Southwest

Replacement of old VFD's
Residential Water Feature Controller - Centralized control of pumps and lighting for water features Item Details

Telemetry System - Wireless Signal Processing Item Details

UL 508 Control Panels - We can provide UL 508 listed panels Item Details  

VSD Controls Brochure - Basic information on VFD applications and benefits

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Tucson, AZ 85749
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Phone: 520 760-4186
Contact Person: Dave Sandy

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