Argentine Tango in Denver
At its best Argentine Tango is a trance, danced so closely that you feel your partner's heart beat and share the rhythm of their breathing. Tango looks complex, but you can succeed more easily if you approach tango as an improvised, rhythmic walk rather than a lot of memorized patterns.

My classes are designed to have you up and dancing social-style Argentine Tango as quickly as possible. I'm very effective at helping the men to feel confident, to hear the beat, and to achieve mastery with the intricate steps of tango.

Classes are taught with a progressive curriculum. We start with fundamentals, emphasizing improvisation, rhythm, music, heart & soul, and especially the connection between the leader and follower.

T eaching in Boulder & Denver since 1996, I'm a specialist in the rhythmic, close-embrace social style of tango typical of many clubs in Buenos Aires. This specialty has earned me invitation to workshops and Tango Festivals around the US and abroad, including Berlin, Moscow, Ann Arbor, St Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Portland, San Francisco, Champaign/Urbana, Hawaii.
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