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A New Concept in Clean
Ti Clean LLC has recently inked a deal with Prime Group to provide odor abatement services for their apartments. This is proving to be a real money saver on turn overs. Pet and cigarette odors often often mandate that carpets be changed even when in good condition. Using our TiO2 spray treatment and air purifiers the apartment will be odor free for the new tenant and provide protection for a year or more. We provide contract pricing for property managers and our coverage in the western US is growing. Please call if you have any questions.
About Ti Clean LLC
Ti Clean llc can spray the TiO2 directly on most indoor materials with excellent adhesion. It is non-toxic and safe for kids, pets and adults. Once applied, exposure to light is all that is all that's required to create the reaction that decomposes organic materials on contact. TiO2 has the ability to destroy the substances associated with "Sick Building" and "Sick Car" syndrome which cause symptoms of nausea, fatigue and headache. Ti does not mask odor or replace them with perfume, they simply disappear and leave fresh clean air in it's place. There is no staining so Ti Clean can be applied directly on carpet, drapes, blinds, counter tops, furniture, tile and bathroom fixtures. Once water based solution is applied the effects can last for years though we recommend an annual treatment to maintain maximum effectiveness. The spray treatment combined with our air purifiers provides the ultimate in protection. In minutes we can create a safe, fresh environment for you and your family.

Applications include

Pet Stores
Day Care
Retirement Homes
Direct Application - Ti Clean LLC. provides professional spray applicators to properly install the product in your Home, Car, Office, Boat or RV.

Ti Clean Auto - We make an air purifier card that is treated with TiO2. Once placed on the dashboard or rear deck the sunlight will activate the TiO2 and clean your car better than ever!

Ti Clean Air Purifiers - We can custom build air purifiers for Commercial and Industrial use. Using photo catalytic technology means we do not trap contaminants but convert them to harmless gas just like a catalytic converter on a car. This method requires less energy and consumables than most systems and produces no ozone. Proven to be very effective on Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, and many others. Please call with any questions.
For more information contact

Dave Sandy - 520 465-5155

Mike Sherwood - 520 331-8792
We are now providing Industrial air purifiers built to the specific needs of the customer. Manufacturing odors and VOC's can be removed at a substantial savings over current technologies. We do not trap odors or produce ozone in our process. The harmful organics are actually destroyed at the molecular level and changed into harmless gas. This is great for Produce Warehouses, Meat Packing, Pig or Chicken Farming, Dairy Farming, Manufacturing, Food Processing and more. We use safe and readily available black lights which last one year and common HVAC filters treated with our TiO2 solution. Filters are changed 1 to 4 times per year depending on loading.
Auto Air Purifier cards are available in 10 packs for $39.95
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11121 E. Calle Vaqueros
Tucson, AZ 85749
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Phone: 520 760-4186
Contact Person: Dave Sandy

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