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La Grande Latte is not a real company; the 'CEO' and other various job positions are students, and are completing this for a project. Just so you are aware, and don't go looking for it!!.. this is for extra credit...200% here we come!!

Laura and Anneli
About La Grande Latte
Our company is La Grande Latte, a coffee shop complete with sandwiches, in-store pastries, cakes, and, of course, coffees! La Grande Latte offers a wide collection of in-store pastries, and a large choice of coffee's, all made with care! With a fast internet connection to keep you in-touch with family and friends while abroad, and speedy, friendly service, Le Grande Latte is the ultimate coffee shop! With a catchy motto and chic logo, La Grande Latte not only advertises nicely, but appeals to a larger audience than most other coffee shops. La Grande Latte is the official name. We have a limited liability, meaning that we have our business organized by Ney York's Limited Liability plan, and business profits (or losses) are taxed in the same way as a partnership. Our CEO position is shared by us, Laura M_____ and Anneli J____. The Anneli J____ is the President, with Laura M______ as Co-President of La Grande Latte. The Treasurer is Laura M________ as well, and Anneli J_______ is the Manager. The other job positions available will be hired help; however, the chef will be a professional chef, as to ensure top rate food. Map
This map shows where La Grande Latte will hopefully be located. We ar only down the street and around the corner from the New York University Medical Center, and with doctors, nurses, and patients coming in and out, and staying up late, what better than a coffee shop located so close? Not to mention that La Grande Latte is open during the lunch hours, many people will flock to a coffee shop so close!! This is just a small sample of what La Grande Latte will offer. with everything so affordable, it's no wonder that people would chose some where safe, cheap, and with over-the-top products!
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La Grande Latte
1606 First Avenue, New York, NY 10001
New York, NY 1001
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Phone: 1-800-4COFFEE

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