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Web sites for the overworked, underfunded or just plain lazy small business owner
5minutesite.com & schedule-my-employees.com & online-marketing-manager.com are sister sites that enable businesses to easily establish an online presence, manage employees and organize marketing efforts. All three sites are interconnected, so an account on any of the sites allows access to all three sites. If you are a small business looking for a free, easy to edit web site, employee scheduler or marketing campaign manager, click on the Create Account link at the bottom of this page.
Also, webmasters can use the affiliate interface of the sites to add a powerful directory/listing system to their web site. For information about using the directory/listing engine on your web site, click the Send Message button below and select the Affiliate Program message type.
Employee Scheduler Added - Makes it easy to build schedules and broadcast them to your employees, add them to your web site and more. When logged in as a manager, the costing feature makes it easy to keep an eye on your labor costs. Learn more at schedule-my-employees.com.

Hit Log Feature Added - The Edit Site page now has a new option "Site Hit Activity Log" that keeps a list of visitors to your site and periodically sends an e-mail containing the list for your review.

Multi-Media Gallery Added - Easily add multi-media objects to your site with the gallery feature. And to help show off your products and service, gallery objects can be attached to catalog items.

Catalog/Menu Editor Added - Easily put your menu and retail/wholesale catalog online. Contains a number of advanced features including: automatic display by date so you can enter daily, weekly and seasonal specials in advance, up to 5 price points for each item, price break by quantity or bulk packaging, printing page break control and more.

Catalog/Menu Integrated with PayPal - Enter your PayPal account number in the E-Commerce area and any catalog items with a price entered will automatically have an "Add to Cart" button attached.

Selectable Site Color Schemes - Now you can give your site a unique look by selecting from a list of color schemes. Over time we will be adding schemes to this list.

Scroller Box - Add any text you like to a box that scrolls like movie credits. Perfect place for studios/dojos to list news and accomplishments of students. Also a great place to list customer quotations.

International Support - Now a country can be selected from a drop down list when creating a site. And searches can be done on a country by country basis with geo-area searches available in the USA. Furp will automatically generate a map link for many countries that use postal codes. We will soon be adding the ability to manually enter an address to a map of your choice in case the auto generated map link is not accurate or not supported in your country.

Multiple Listing Categories - Also added the ability for each site to be assigned up to 3 category types. These can be edited after logging in to edit a site.

Keyword Search with AND, OR & EXACT Logic - To make it easier to search by keywords, added the ability to find sites that contain any of the keywords (logic OR), all of the keywords (logic AND) or the exact phrase entered (logic EXACT).
Q. What is 5minutesite.com?
5minutesite.com has been created to allow small local business to quickly and easily display their offerings on the Internet. By simply filling out a form, any small business can have an clean, functional web site. The site can be edited at any time by logging in to an edit site page; a process no more difficult than checking e-mail.

Q. What is FurP.com?
FurP is short for "find ur(your) provider" and is a search engine that has been created to allow consumers to locate and learn about businesses close to them. Furp first searches the sites that have been created in the 5minutesite.com system and then creates searches for the major search engines to help you find what you are looking for. You might think of the combination of furp and 5minutesite as a "super phonebook" that allows businesses to describe themselves in greater detail than a phonebook would permit and consumers to conveniently search for businesses in a geographic area.

Q. I have lost my login information, what should I do?
If you have lost your login information, follow these steps:

If you remember your username, skip this step. To recover your username, go to your 5minutesite.com web site and press the "Send Message" button and send yourself a message. When you get the message, you will find your username included in the message.

To recover a lost password, do the following: click on the "Edit Site" link and enter your username. Enter your password the best you can remember it, or if you have no idea what it is, just enter 123456. If your login fails, you will be presented with the option to have your hint sent to you, or have your password reset to a random value and e-mailed to you.

Q. How do I request a new color scheme?
Please send us the color name(Red) or code(#F0F8FF) for the following page elements:
NAVBAR_CLR, NAVBAR_TXT_CLR - The background and text color for the navigation bar.
BODY_BGND_CLR, BODY_TXT_CLR - The background and text color for main text area.
PAGE_ENDS_BGND_CLR, PAGE_ENDS_TXT_CLR - The background and text color for the page header and footer areas.
LINK_TXT_CLR, LINK_VSTD_CLR - The color for links and visited links.
HEADER_TXT_CLR - Optional, color of the section headers in the main text area.
You can send the request for a new color scheme using the Send Message button below. Use the message type Request Feature. Please note that in order to maintain an effective site, we will only add color schemes that are easy to read. No yellow text on a white background for example.

Q. I did not create a listing on 5minutesite.com, but the is one for my business. Where did it come from?
During the development of 5minutesite.com we need to test that the site works correctly. Rather than make fake entries, we look for small businesses that could benefit from more exposure and enter them to test the site. If you would like to have your listing removed, please go to your site and send a message with the "Inappropriate Content" message type selected. We examine these messages from time to time and will remove listings that we entered for testing purposes. Listings that were not entered by us might have been entered by a customer of yours, and we need to be careful deleting in this situation in case a competitor is the source of the request for removal. Please work with us as we do our best to deal with these situations.

Q. I think I found a bug, what should I do?
The core functionality of the sites are up and running and we are doing our best to keep the site online and stable. However we are adding features as fast as we can so there might be occasional issues with the site. If you encounter any problems, check back in a short time and the issue should be resolved. If it is not, please let us know using the Send Message button below.
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